Friday, 6th of December 2019 . 07:30 PM PST . Blue fox indian cuisine , Pleasanton , CA

East Bay Karaoke - Salute Greatest Showman & 1 st Superstar


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Category: Music

Blue fox indian cuisine
5681 Gibraltar Dr
Pleasanton , CA, 94588

Friday, 6th of December 2019
07:30 PM PST

East Bay Karaoke
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Phone : Vilas Thuse

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East Bay Karaoke Pre-Registered Geetmaala

Theme: Salute Greatest Showman & 1st Superstar

Fri 6th Dec 2019 – 7:30 pm @ BlueFox Indian Cuisine, 5681 Gibralter Dr., Pleasanton, CA 94588

This is NOT an OPEN Mic Karaoke.  Singers will be pre selected to sing songs from movies of Raj Kapoor & Rajesh Khanna.  Singers will be required to submit their choice of minimum 3 solos and 3 duets. Submitting songs does not guarantee selection.  After due screening process singers and songs will be selected. If needed singers may be asked to submit a short audio/video clip of the song with Mukhdaa & one Antara.  Selection of singers and songs will be at the sole discretion of East Bay Karaoke Committee.


Venue: BlueFox Indian Cuisine, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Day & Date: Friday 15th Nov 2019

Time: 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Ticket Price includes Full Dinner Buffett with Appetizers: 

  • $15 Per Head Age 10 & above If BOOKED Online

  • $7.50 for Children 5-9 Years.

  • Children below 5 FREE.

ONLINE PAYMENT: Buying Tickets in advance is preferred and advised as this is a limited seats Hall (60-65) Book your Ticket at NO EXTRA COST OR TRANSACTION FEES using Link Below:


Payment can be made at the Restaurant on the Event Day also if Seats are available.

Appetizers & Dinner: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Food Counters will be closed at 9:30 pm.


  1. Music Tracks/Songs:

  1. Please bring your own Karaoke Tracks in mp3/mp4 form on Smart Phone/Tablet or USB Drive.

  2. may be available, however, you are requested and encouraged to sing on good quality tracks in mp3/mp4 format.  You MUST bring your Song Number and exact Song Title as listed in meragana.   


  1. Registration & Sequencing of Singers & Songs:

  1. Write your Name ONLY ONCE on the Sign-up Board/Sheet as soon as you come.  

  2. You can Sing a solo or duet when your turn comes.  Please DO NOT BREAKE the sequence.

  3. 2nd turn will be given only when the first round of all the signed up singers is completed.  2nd turn will be in the same sequence as the first round, however, Committee Members & Volunteers WHO HELP FOR SET UP AS WELL AS WRAP UP will be given priority.  

  4. Shuffling & changing of singing sequence is not allowed.  You may swap your turn with other singer with mutual consent.

  5. Writing Duplicate Names on the Sign-up board/sheet is STRICTLY not allowed.

  6. If you are not ready when your turn comes, your turn will be passed on to the next singer until you are ready.

  7. In case of Technical difficulty in the Audio System/Audio Player/Computer/Internet the next ready singer will be asked to perform.

  8. First 25 singers who have paid in Advance may get opportunity to sing in the first round.  Anyone signing up after 26 is not guaranteed opportunity to sing but sincere efforts will be made to accommodate everyone.

  9. Some songs may be shortened to 3 minutes or 1 stanza depending on the number of singers in order to accommodate all or most of the singers.

  10. In order to give others a fair chance, we request you to avoid selecting lengthy songs.  Songs beyond 5 minutes will be required to be shortened to 2 to 3 Antaras (Stanzas) ONLY.

  11. In case of failure of the Power Supply, Audio system and/or internet etc… if the Karaoke Program cannot be conducted, no money will be refunded.  The ticket price covers the food cost only and Karaoke Program is an additional effort by the Music Loving Community Volunteers to give back to Community.

  12. After the Audio System is set up, we may conduct testing of the system at our own discretion and may take help from singers available to test the system.  However, these songs will not be considered as part of the Event.

  13. Important: We reserve our right to refuse the opportunity to sing to anyone with or without reason.  The ticket covers just the food cost and it is not guarantee to get an opportunity to sing.

  14. Quality: The singers are requested and appealed to take good efforts to give singing performance with proper Sur & Taal as per original song with Good Quality Karaoke Tracks.  Organizers may shift or even refuse the below average performances in order to maintain Quality of the program.


  1. Guest Singers/Performances & Preferred Singers:

    1. Organizers at their sole discretion may add songs/performances by guests during the program any time.  

    2. If you know any celebrities/notable personalities related to Bollywood Music please do suggest to the TVM Committee.

    3. Organizers at their sole discretion may give a few Prime Spots to Preferred Singers in order to present Very Good Quality Performances to the Attendees.


  1. Photos & Videos:

    1. Photos may be taken by the volunteers during the event & may be uploaded on Facebook.  In case you don’t want your photo to be included in the Album please send the request to the person uploading the photos.

    2. Video shooting of the singing performances may be done by the volunteers and uploaded on Facebook and/or YouTube.  If you do not want your performance to recorded please inform the concerned volunteer accordingly.

    3. If you feel that your video to be removed from internet please inform the concerned person individually.

    4. Please not that if your duet partner requests the removal of the video it will be honored and the video will be deleted from internet.

    5. Please note that requests for making the Photos Public on Internet (Facebook) will not be accepted.

    6. Please note that requests for making the videos private on internet will not be accepted.


Please remember that the slots and time is limited so come in time and sign up yourself.  


Friends, this is our community event and your cooperation, understanding, help & support will be very much needed & greatly appreciated to make this initiative a great success.  Please feel free to send us your suggestions for improvements.


Sing, Smile, Spread the Happiness & Have Fun with Friends.  Make new friends. Take home good memories.




East Bay Karaoke Committee

Vilas & Meenatai (Megha) Thuse, Anil & Sharan Balchandani, Mayank Arya & Anjali Thadani, Pankaj Purohit, Madhu Sharma, Inderjit Manga, Rahul Pandhe, Prasad & Yogini Kulkarni, Kapil Mohan