Friday, 9th of December 2022 . 07:15 PM PST . Amaravathi House Indian Restaurant , Pleasanton , CA

Gaao Naacho Santa Ke Santa Ke Sang


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Category: Music

Amaravathi House Indian Restaurant
1991 Santa Rita Rd
Pleasanton , CA, 94566

Friday, 9th of December 2022
07:15 PM PST

East Bay Karaoke
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Phone : Vilas Da Thuse


9Dec22 *Naacho Gaao Santa Ke Sang*
Musical Evening of Happy, Pleasant & Upbeat Songs, Dance Numbers.

Venue: Amaravathi House 1991 Santa Rita Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Day & Date: Friday 9 Dec 2022
Time: at 7 pm to 11:30 pm PDT.
Ticket (Dinner Included): No Ticket Sale at the Venue.
$25 Each Age 12+
$17 Each Up to Age 12 (Limited Seats)
(Important: Unavoidable Online Ticket Service Fee is absorbed by EBK)
1. Tickets are Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable and do not guarantee singer spot.
2. We will make sincere efforts to give singing spot to first Paid 30 Qualified Singers and If everything goes smooth without any problem.
3. Singer Incentive Scheme: A Qualified Singer buying in at least one extra Listener ticket will be considered for Singing Spot. A Qualified Singer who buys more than two Listener Tickets will get Prime Spot.
Ticket Buying Link: << >>
Songs Registration Link: << >>
THEME Songs are preferred but not Mandatory; you may sing a song which you can sing comfortably but it should be a Happy & Upbeat Song.

1) Submitting Songs Registration Form does not guarantee Singing Spot or Song Choice.
2) Selection & Sequencing of Singers & Songs may not as per the Registration Sequence & preferences given by you. You may be required to change your song.
3) This being a Music Event for singers basic singing in Sur & Taal is expected and preferred.
4) We may broadcast the Event Live on Social Media like Facebook/YouTube etc…
5) Photos & Videos of performers/attendees may be published on social media.
6) Event may be rescheduled/cancelled with or without notice.
Music Tracks/Songs:
7) Please send your track in mp3 format or YouTube Link to
8) If you are using customized mp4 Track, bring your own track and your own USB Drive ONLY
9) If your Track Device needs any special connector or dongle to connect it to a RCA Cable, bring it with you.
10) Meragana is not recommended, however, if you want to sing with meragana track keep the Song Number ready.

Please remember that the time & slots are limited so Register in time to avoid disappointment.
Friends, this is our community event and your cooperation, understanding, help & support will be very much needed & greatly appreciated to make this initiative a great success. Please feel free to send us your suggestions for improvements.

EBK Team: Vilasda & Meenatai, Mayank & Anjali Arya, Madhu Sharma, Inderjit Manga, Pankaj Purohit, Raj Haravu, Chandra & Gayatri Seethamraju, Vamsi Dhar, Rajesh Shah, Priti Nagda Rahul Pandhe, Kanika Wahi, Girish Kulkrani, Sharad Kulkarni & Raju Chithambaram.